What is NLXF?

What is NLXF?


Kickboxing at NLXF is unlike kickboxing you’re going to find anywhere else. Why? We have built our kickboxing aspect from the ground up and have continuously evolved our structure so it never becomes overly repetitive or mundane. Every session we start out with the basic kickboxing movements and over the course of the 8-week program, we gradually build our way up to more advanced and complex movements. No matter what your age or ability level, kickboxing is a great way to take out some aggression while getting an intense and effective workout.

Boot Camp

Boot Camps at NLXF can be described by using one word: variety. You’ll never know what to expect at an NLXF boot camp class. Workouts are constantly changing, not only challenging your muscles, but challenging your mind as well to keep you involved and entertained with the workouts. With a combination of dumbbells, resistance bands, steps, ladders, hurdles, cone drills among other equipment, NLXF boot camp are certain to find and push your limits every week.

Weekly Structure

Every day is different at NLXF. Some days you may have similar formats to others just so we aren’t throwing too much at you at once, but for the most part – things are always changing. Every Monday you’ll be finding yourself involved in a cardio workout, however Mondays are the day of the week that changes every week. On the odd weeks, Mondays are cardio boot camps or “Black Mondays.” For a lot of you, these Black Mondays will be your most challenging days, but in the end you’ll learn to love these challenges. Even-week Mondays will be kickboxing. These will typically start out as instructional kickboxing where you are stationary on a bag and our instructors will critique form as they move around the room. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always boot camps. These days can range from upper body days, to lower body days, to a combination for a full-body workout. Wednesday and Fridays are always kickboxing, so you will need your gloves on these days. Fridays are The Gauntlet. This day is very different from your other kickboxing days – much like our Black Mondays, these can very challenging, but most clients tend to favor this day over all the others. No matter what day of the week, your workout will always be different and exciting!

Why Choose NLXF?

Free Nutritional Guidance

Getting fit is more than working out. It is what you do outside the gym that will help achieve your fitness goals.

Custom Meal Planning

Backed by a registered dietitian, NLXF provides custom meal planning to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Convenient Des Moines Location

Conveniently located in Urbandale!

Free Child Care

With free child care available at all NLXF Locations beginning at 9:15am, it makes it easy to work classes into even the busiest of schedules.


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Meet the Trainers

Trainers at NLXF aren’t picked because they simply know fitness, that’s obviously a bonus, but we have always been firm believers that we can take an awesome person who can communicate well with people and turn them into a well-educated trainer, as opposed to taking a well-educated trainer and turning them into someone who can communicate well with others. All of our NLXF trainers have one thing in common: they care. Trainers at NLXF love their job because they are put in a great position to help others on an everyday basis, not just through shouting commands and barking at people, but by building relationships as well.

While the cost might be greater, consistency in trainers is important. If you don’t know your trainer by name, we see that as an issue. At NLXF, you will have the same trainers at the same location nearly all the time. A quality team wouldn’t function well with one coach today, a different coach tomorrow, and so on. We want you to get to know the trainers and our trainers want to get to know you. The more relationships our trainers can build in that room, the better environment we can create as team.

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  • Best gym in the Des Moines metro by far! I love the atmosphere and trainers!

    Katie Teel

  • Hands down best gym I've ever been to! Nothing else comes close to the atmosphere, friendships and results!

    Brittany Blythe

  • Such a good variety for working out, never the same workout twice! Great atmosphere, great coaches and great results!

    Amanda Mullen

  • I was very skeptical of group fitness, but I put that aside and joined dragging my feet of course. I trust the process and the physical changes speaks for itself, but the life style change with healthy habits is everlasting! Trainers are supportive with clear direction and provide a fun family group atmosphere.

    Ted Baccam

    Cailee Jo Whitefield
  • Amazing workouts, amazing trainers and amazing people to work out with!

    Joel Smits

  • By far the most challenging BUT the most fun workouts! Not one day has been exactly the same, therefore making you want to come to every class. The instructors are great and very helpful and make form a priority with many modifications available for each exercise. Do what I did, make the change! You'll be happy you did!

    Rob Weir