Questions on Class Structure and Facility

Q: What is NLXF?

A: NLXF is a 8-week program that combines several different forms of training into one program that will challenge people from all different fitness levels. Different aspects of our program include kickboxing, strength training, plyometrics, core work, yoga among many others.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: The sessions are 8 weeks long, and typically 5 days a week. Classes are also 1-hour a day.

Q: What types of equipment do you use?

A: We use several different types of equipment. The main pieces of equipment we use are kickboxing bags, dumbbells, bands, steps, ladders, hurdles, jump ropes, wall balls, benches among many other things we incorporate as well.

Q: What class times do you offer?

A: Class times change session to session based on demand. Our typical class times are 5AM, 6AM, 9:15AM, 4:30PM, and 5:30PM. These class times are subject to change based on enrollment and demand.

Q: Do you have childcare and showers?

A: We do offer childcare for all class times other than 5 and 6 AM. We also have showers at our facility. You will need to bring your own towel if you are showering. Soap, shampoo, etc. is provided.

Q: Do I have to go to the same class time every day?

A: Absolutely not. You do not need to let us know ahead of time when you are coming to class and you can jump from class time to class time as often as needed. This is something our program prides itself on.

Q: I’ve done other programs before and become very bored, do you guys start over at the basics every 8-weeks?

A: While we do start over at the basics for kickboxing and such – we find that it’s very important to have the basics as a refresher for returners and obviously as an introduction for new students. While the first week or two might be more hands-on and instructional early on, we are always changing the workouts. We write new workouts every single day and do not recycle them. You will not find yourself walking away from our workouts feeling like you didn’t have an opportunity to work hard enough. We set the bar high and offer modifications for those who need them.

Q: I’ve been injured in the past in similar type programs, can you offer me modifications and do you guys focus on form?

A: We focus VERY heavily on form. We’ve had several people come to us and tell us they appreciate how much focus we put on technique and proper form – especially on the kickboxing side of things. Kickboxing is a very dynamic activity and should only be incorporated in a program if it is being taught correctly. If you have a pre-existing injury or something occurs to you during the session in which you will need modifications, we have two trainers at every class to ensure form is up to speed and also to help those who may need modifications. Please reach out to a trainer before class so we can help you accordingly.

Q: What makes NLXF different from other programs?

A: We pride our program on a family feel and in order to have a family feel, the people at the top need to hold you accountable. At all of our locations, we have very few trainers employed for the simple reason that we want to ensure we get to know you and you get to know us as trainers. We don’t want you walking in not knowing who is who and having you dodging workout times because you don’t enjoy a certain trainer or you favor another. We also offer accountability coaching to help clients who want a more hands-on feel while involved in the program. You will find that our program is very dynamic and very in-touch with our clients as well.

Q: Do you offer any type of nutritional guidance?

A: Absolutely. Working out is only part of the battle. However, we aren’t going to give you a generic meal-plan and tell you that nutrition is a one-plan fits all concept. Everyone is different; therefore one male or female may have different nutritional needs than others. Instead of giving you a plan, we ask that you food journal and write down (food journal) what you’re doing and you turn it into us trainers at the end of each week and we will give you suggestions based on your calorie intake, we will also look at different things ranging from sugar, sodium, protein intake among many other various factors. Our theory on this is that we’d much rather take what you’re already doing and adjust it as opposed to overwhelming you with a completely foreign meal plan that you aren’t comfortable with. We have had great success with this format in the past and plan to use it for the foreseeable future.

Membership Questions

Q: What is the VIP membership special?

A: Our VIP special is a continuous membership that will allow members to have automatic payments withdrawn each month instead of paying a large amount up front. This membership requires a 6-month commitment. The benefits to this membership include: not having to pay for in-between session classes which normally cost $5/class ($50 value) and you also receive 25% apparel, gloves, wraps, etc.

Q: What if I want to just sign-up for the session?

A: Registration cost for the individual session is $349/person and for a returning student the cost is $299.

Q: If I’ve taken the session before, am I considered a returner or a new student?

A: If you have ever signed up for a session of NLXF whether it be in Des Moines or another location, you are considered a returning student.

Q: How old does my child need to be to be in the childcare?

A: Various factors are involved here: your comfort level, the amount of kids in the childcare and your child. Since you are in the same facility and literally right next door, we don’t have a set age limit for the childcare. If it during a busy class time, we may add additional staff if we feel the childcare employees will be uncomfortable with the situation of children in the room. We also encourage you to communicate with the girls in the childcare. The better you can get to know them, the more comfortable you’ll be during class knowing that your child is in good hands.